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Jumbo Form Board

Wooden board with four natural wood geometric shapes that fit into holes on the board.

Wooden Blocks

Several different type sof sets of wooden blocks. One set is large, hollow wooden blocks with easy to grip openings on sides.

Lacing Frame

Square wooden frame with holes on sides. Large colored laces are provided to practice lacing.

Lace On Shoe

Large step-in wooden shoe which child can lace around their own shoe. 3 inches wide by 7 inches long by 5 inches high.

Developmental Bead Frame

Wire frame with large beads that are threaded across various patterns: arches, waves, maze.

Balance Beam

The Balance Beam is made of wood. Available as single beam ($55.95) or in set of four ($114.50). DIMENSIONS: 6 feet long by 2.75 or 1 3/8 inches wide.

Rocking Boat

Rocking boat for balance and vestibular activities. Wooden frame with two seats. Steps on reverse side. 24 inches wide, 48 inches long, 12 inches high.

Whitney Brothers Tabletop Light Box

The Tabletop Light Box features an LED lighting system which displays bright and uniformly distributed light, uses less electricity, and produces less heat. The design is meant to feature colored shapes and overlays, which aid in a child's development of visual distinction. The low current and handy on-cord on/off switch makes the light table safe and easy to use. Objects reveal their intrinsic attributes under the brightness. Anywhere there's a horizontal surface, set the light box down and wat

Four Color Pentomino Puzzle

The Pentomino Puzzle helps children learn geometric and spatial concepts through play with these large 4-color puzzle pieces. Each piece has a different color on each side.

Puzzlelations: Four Color Triangle-Shaped Puzzle Pieces

With Puzzlelations, Children are introduced to geometric and spatial concepts through play with these big triangle-shaped puzzle pieces to make tessalations. The set includes large 4-color puzzle pieces, each side with a different color. Sixteen pieces in total, four different colors.

Whitney Brothers Steps With Guard Rail

The Whitney Brothers Steps with Guard Rail is meant to be a safe and practical set of steps for those looking to reach a sink, countertop or washing machine. Guard rail can be installed so children can access the steps from the right or the left. Unique safety design requires the user to turn toward or away from the steps and look for the guard rail.


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