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Recreation & Leisure

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  • Clubhouse Model Psychiatric Rehabilitation (1)

    Clubhouse Model Psychiatric Rehabilitation


    Voluntary, person-centered membership programs for people with a history of mental illness that offer social, recreational, prevocational and vocational rehabilitation services within the context of a supportive and structured environment where members can be involved in meaningful activities which help them regain a sense of self-worth, purpose and confidence and enhance their ability to sustain independent living. Members establish their own schedules within an ordered day, choose the activities they will regularly participate in, and are actively engaged and supported by staff and other members in the activities and tasks they have chosen. Services provided through the group experience of the ordered day include a wide array of skill development activities and training designed to assist the member to gain control of debilitative aspects of their illness, acquire personal and social competencies, and establish and navigate environmental support systems. Also included are clubhouse model programs for other populations such as people with brain injuries.
  • Developmental Disabilities Social/Recreational Programs (1)

    Developmental Disabilities Social/Recreational Programs


    Community-based day programs that provide training in community integration and self-advocacy specifically as they relate to recreation and leisure pursuits. Participants are generally adults age 18-22 with developmental disabilities who are still in school and desire an after-school program or are older than age 22 but are not working or are working part-time.
  • Therapeutic Camps (1)

    Therapeutic Camps


    Residential or day camp facilities that are appropriately staffed and equipped to provide an opportunity for children or adults who have developmental disabilities, emotional disturbances or health impairments, or who have other limitations or problems which require special facilities or programming, to enjoy a cooperative indoor and/or outdoor living experience.

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