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6 updates

  • AB 452 - Laura Friedman
    Pupil safety: parental notification: firearm safety laws.
    01/24/2022 - Read second time. Ordered to third reading.
  • AB 662 - Freddie Rodriguez
    Mental health: dispatch and response protocols: working group.
    01/24/2022 - Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Senate. (Ayes 65. Noes 0.)
  • AB 738 - Janet Nguyen
    Community mental health services: mental health boards.
    01/24/2022 - Read second time. Ordered to Consent Calendar.
  • AB 748 - Wendy Maria Carrillo Dono
    Pupil mental health: mental health assistance posters.
    01/24/2022 - Read second time. Ordered to third reading.
  • ACR 120 - Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
    Maternal Health Awareness Day.
    01/24/2022 - In Senate. To Com. on RLS.
  • SB 387 - Anthony J. Portantino Jr.
    Pupil health: school employee and pupil training: youth mental and behavioral health.
    01/24/2022 - In Assembly. Read first time. Held at Desk.
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