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Anger Iceberg

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Anger Iceberg is designed for children who have emotional disabilities to help them learn to identify and cope with their difficult emotions. The product is a teaching tool made by teachers for use in a classroom. It compares emotions to an iceberg, as children have many emotions beneath the surface when it comes to anger, like feeling embarrassed for instance. After reading the sheet, the child draws their own iceberg, identifying their personal emotions beneath the surface.

Technical Specifications: 


  • Anger Iceberg print off.
  • A blank sheet of paper to draw on.
  • Markers.

Step One: Review the Anger Iceberg. Talk about how the child can relate, speaking about their emotions.

Step Two: Get out a blank piece of paper and some markers. The child draws their own Anger Iceberg, identifying and writing down their own hidden emotions.


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Anger Iceberg

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